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my motherboard is asus P5G41T-M LX and i was thinking to buy ASUS HD7850 ( does this GPU run and works good on my system

Full PC Specs are:
Motherboard: ASUS P5G41T-M LX
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHZ
RAM: 8gb

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  1. What is your PSU?

    It will work but the CPU might hold you back. A Radeon 7770 might be a better match. Unless you plan to carry over your GPU if you upgrade motherboard/cpu.
  2. psu is cooler master 460 watt previously i was using xfx 9600gt
    if 7850 runs good then i will upgrade psu.
  3. Are you able to overclock the CPU

    At just 3.33 Ghz I would recommend getting any card you can afford,

    what resolution are you playing at? Right now @ 159 the 650Ti Boost is easily the best GPU buy available performance per dollar.

    Good performance at 1080 P and better the lower the resolution.... but you do need to overclock your CPU and I feel you could likely do a modest overclock on that asus motherboard

    read this

    I was not able to find the one on toms quite as easily now that everything has changed.
  4. thanks for overclocking advice spentshells but i am using the stock cooler which comes with cpu and hadn't tried overclocking before :|
  5. no time like the present to learn, you can pick up an aftermarket cooler for about 25 bucks which is pretty reasonable for the boost you can get.

    Cooler master tx 4 has recently been released it should be a winner for you as it will fit more easily into a smaller case than the favorites of today cooler master hyper 212 / xigmatek Gia / any more expensive noctua coolers or most smaller closed loop water coolers.

    the stock cooler should just be enough to take the cpu to 3Ghz
  6. For the card I'd recommend the Sapphire 7850
  7. you can get a radeon hd 7770 to best match your rig . if you are going to buy a new pc in future years then you can overclock your processor to match the radeon hd 7850 graphic card requirements and then you can buy radeon hd 7850 .as if you are not going for a cpu upgrade don't buy a radeon hd 7850 ,just buy a 7770 it will be fine .overclocking a cpu decreases its lifespan (literally i mean it ).

    choose wisely .good luck buddy =)
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