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I have just bought a GeForce EVGA 9800GTX+ Nvidia Graphic 1GB Limited Edition Sli Capable I just took the operating system for granted but after I bought it I looked at the purchased item and notice the operating system said Linux
I run win7 32bit with amd Athlon(TM)64X2 dual core processor
5.200 2.70 GHz
400gig ram
will card run on this machine.
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  1. Kindly provide us more information. :) At least provide us the card that you are looking into. We could give you a basic overview of what should be compatible. And if you don't mind providing some basic specs of your computer, that would be helpful also. Either way, we really need more information to give you a more accurate answer.
  2. Windows will work.

    Just search the manufacturers site and select your operating system. They will have anything from Windows XP - Windows 8

    There are no "Linux-exclusive or proprietary" cards that I have ever heard of.
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