Radeon HD 7750 and HD 7870 true power draw

Well, I want to buy an HD 7750. But after reading some tests, I got confused.
Can anyone confirm me (with real data), which is the real power draw, in idle and gaming, of the following GPU:
Radeon HD 7750
Radeon HD 7870
I'm confused. I've read numerous tests, inclusive here,3217-15.html

where people say, that HD 7870 is more economical than HD 7750. In others websites, they say that 7750 is the most economical. So, who is right ?
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  1. I apologize. I was wrong. The analysis refers to an 7950 not to an 7750. Please erase the post.
  2. Best answer,7.html

    The 7750 uses much less power than the 7870, about a third.
  3. yes you are right. Thanks
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