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Hello Experts,

I am trying to assemble a gaming PC with following configuration. Please provide you input if anything is amiss, also i have confusion in some of the components which i have mentioned. Please help me to make judgment from the confusion

Processor i7-3770k
Motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V
Ram 8 GB
Graphic card 7850 or 7870 i am confused between the two cards
SSD 128 GB
SMPS 600W is it good for the configuration
Cooler Which cooler will you recommend for the configuration
Cabinet Mid tower 3 fans

Please provide you input .

Thanks in advance.
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  1. as always we have to recommend the Hyper 212 EVO or Plus for cooling the CPU. Average price with above average performance.
    I'm assuming you meant to write 2 TB HDD. The PSU is not bad but there are better brands in the market like Corsair and Seasonic. As for the GPU you should state the games you want to play so we can give you a realistic suggestion, but I obviously 7870 is better
  2. Get the 7870 (I have it and it works like a beauty) and to reiterate, get a 750w PSU, itll last you a good 10-15 years if you take good care of it (especially with all the new power saving tech). And also youd be fine with a stock cooler unless you plan to overclock.

    Edit: As far as the i7 goes, you'll notice almost no gaming difference between it and the equivalent i5.
  3. Thanks Expert for your valuable feedback.

    Playing games like BF3 , Crisis series, far cry.

    I understand that the power requirement for 7870 is 500 W. so is there need for a 750 W PSU.
  4. Also can you please tell me is there is a need for an external cooler with the Cooler in PSU

    Like in Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050W 1050 Watts PSU
  5. Best answer
    Realistically, youll be happy with 550w and safe with 650w. No need for a cooler of any sorts.
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