Good Gaming Keyboard?

If anyone knows of a good brand of gaming keyboards/mouses let me know!
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  1. Razer
  2. There's quite a few different brands, most of them are good. It's all pretty much down to your personal preference. Here's just to name a few; Steelseries, Razer, Corsair, Thermaltake, Logitech, Roccat...

    The rest depends on the type of gear you fancy (aesthetics), what type games you are playing and how much are you willing to pay.
  3. I just bought a Corsair K70 after looking at the CM Quickfire's, and the Razer Blackwidow Ulti... I like the Cherry red's as a switch more than the browns though, at least, from my brief stint of mashing around on them... Have to say, the Corsair's were head and toes above the others in quality and feel, with the minimalistic aluminum, textured spacebar, customizable backlighting, extremely comfortable wrist support, breakaway USB cable for the mouse on the back... I was hesitant spending $130 on a keyboard, but after dropping so much on the actual computer I felt it kind of stupid to not invest in the only tactile interface I have that goes with it...

    I have had one small issue so far, and that is that my Apple computer won't get the num/caps/shiftlocks lit up on the keyboard. Apparently it's a common issue from some googling I just did, idk how exactly the lock lights work but I feel like it might be a computer issue more than a periph issue...
  4. What's your budget? I have a Razer Black Widow 2013 and I love it. Since I game alot, but also need to type pretty fast, the cherry mx blue switches just feel so nice and make a fantastic clicky sound (if you like it or not). However if you don't want to spend more than $100 then you may want to try the Razer Arctosa.
    Here's the Razer keyboard link, in all honesty I don't want to fanboy, but I'm really satisfied with their keyboard lineup, their mice....not so much.
  5. Jcole said:
    If anyone knows of a good brand of gaming keyboards/mouses let me know!

    I game with with the Razor Naga on my lappy, and the Razor Naga Epic on the desktop. I don't recommend the Epic. It likes to bug out, and the battery life sucks. So it stays plugged in on wired mode all the time anyway.

    My keyboard is this baby:

    Stop laughing!!! - it was like twenty bucks...
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