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Hey all, I've been looking to add to my RAM a bit and have come into possession of a stick that's identical to but does not exactly match what I'm already using. They seem to be practically the same except for the latency.

What I'm using: 9-9-9-27

What I want to add: 9-9-9-24

This doesn't seem like a huge difference but I'm admittedly not very tech savvy. What research I've done discourages mixing large differences in latency, but I don't know if that applies to small differences too.

So, is this safe to mix? Thanks in advance.
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    Technically it may work fine when it's at the same frequency and timings, but the general rule is to never mix memory because it can cause undesirable results:

    You wouldn't use difference size tires on your car would you just because it's a tiny bit different or just slightly bigger?

    This is your cheapest and best option(well probably cheaper elsewhere maybe):
  2. All ram will be at the same settings, timings, speed, voltage which may be difficult and even if they are identical still may not work. The big issue with the ram you linked to is the voltage 1.65 and 1.5v. I wouldn't suggest even trying.
  3. Mixing ram with different timings will result in all the memory defaulting to the speed of the slowest stick, it will usually work, but not always. However, mixing voltages is a bigger issue. It may work fine, it may work fine for a while, or it may not work at all.

    It is not advisable to mix memory, speed, voltage, or even brand types, it can cause problems.
  4. Alright, thanks for the input guys. You saved me some headaches.

    I think I'll just return this stick and grab either the Ripjaws that edogawa linked or another one of the Kingston kits that I'm already using.
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