Computer keeps crashing when playing games

Hey guys, I have been having this issue for a few weeks now, and it only seems to happen when I have graphics settings on high. When it crashes it doesn't show a blue screen.

My specs are:
AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor
8GB DDR3 1333MHZ Ram (Not sure what brand it is)
Sapphire Radeon HD7750
Windows 8 64 bit
420W power supply

If somebody could help me out here it would be much appreciated.
Thanks :)
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  1. How does it crash? And when you set to medium / low will it crash?
  2. Make sure your mb bios is up to date. Boot off memtest86 disk run it overnight to rule out ram.sounds like to me is the 430w ps not holding the load under games. Try hardware monitor to watch your ps outputs.
  3. When I set it to medium/low it doesn't crash, which leads me to believe that it is in fact a overheat issue. How do I update the bios? I will run memtest86 tonight, and I will try hardware monitor as well. Thanks

    Update: I ran memtest86 and I passed with no errors. I updated the bios which was highly fustrating and confusing. I then had to reset the cmos and I'm not even sure if I did it properly. Also what do you mean by hardware monitor? Do you mean some kind of software, or a physical piece of equipment? Because I would rather not have to spend money on a hardware monitor. If you could get back to me ASAP that would be great. Thanks

    Further Update: I have fixed this crashing problem and it was caused by dust build up on my cpu's heatsink and my gpu's heatsink. They were both overheating and the cpu even spiked at 110C. So I decided it was time for a clean and I haven't crashed for about a week now. Thanks for all your help guys.
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