ASUS P8-Z77-V Pro: Intel RAID Controller failure?

Hi all,

I am running an ASUS P8-Z77-V Pro mobo. I had a RAID 1 volume using the on-board Intel RST controller.

A few days ago, my system froze unexpectedly. When I rebooted it, it did not recognize my RAID volume. The Intel RST boot screen shows the volume and both drives as "Disabled." I can only boot the system in AHCI mode. I can't launch the configuration utility no matter how much I mash the "Ctrl-I" keys.

Did my RAID controller suffer a catastrophic failure? Is there any hope?

Any advice is appreciated!
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  1. Maybe one of the drive is dead, you can get other drive to rebuild the raid.

    And make sure you set the raid mode in the BIOS instead of the ahci.
  2. Hi cin19,

    Thanks for the response! I've had drives fail before, and the RAID controller showed that one drive was dead but kept functioning. Now it's showing the entire *volume* as disabled, and it won't let me into the configuration utility to re-enable it. So the problem appears to be related to the controller, as opposed to any individual drive.

    - Steve
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