Highest voltage for hd 6670. 1gddr3

I actually wanna overclock my hd 6670 1gddr3.....i tried ALL THE softwares like afterburner , trixx etc but all in vain...so I thought of flashing but I dont know whats THE HIGHEST VOLTAGE supported by this card.i dont need to think of temps as I got enough COOLING solutions in my cabnit .its a Sapphire hd 6670 1gddr3.
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  1. the base voltage for this card is 1.1 v ..try increasing in small amounts of 0.1v(100 mv) till u find the highest voltage for it (that's the voltage that'd not brick it)..but it'd lead to produce more than normal heat..
  2. Why do you want to overclock it? What game are you trying to play?
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