Is the cm sickleflow intake or exhaust?

I am getting the CM storm enforcer, and it has room for 2x120mm or 1x200mm fans on the top. I've decided to go with 2 sickleflows for better airflow, and I'm wondering if it is intake or exhaust.

(If you can recommend better fans under $10, please do)
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    Are you asking if the fans themselves are intake or exhaust? That doesn't make any sense. If you hold the fan in front of you with the wire on back and the center logo facing you, that's the direction that air will be going in. So for the top, you want exhaust. So mount the fans with the back facing up.
  2. Depends on the orientation you put them in. They can work both ways.
  3. They blow air in a direction, whether they blow in or out of the case depends on which way you screw them in.
    Usually the ugly end of the fan (with the frame brackets and product info sticker) is the direction air comes out.
  4. Yes, I had a suspicion it would go both ways because of the curved fans. But thanks for confirming it.
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