gamepad is not working

sir my gamepade is not workin and i using window 8 in sony laptop
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  1. can I get the name of your game pad?
  2. Hello Chandra Prakash,
    So what you do you tell us name of your gamepad and configuration of your pc
    So I have a solution for you
    Probably its problem with drivers so google "(your gamepad name) Drivers windows 8"
    You know there are sperpate drivers on windows 8
    If you dont find them just tell name of your gamepad and PC

    REGARDS :)
  3. thor220 said:
    can I get the name of your game pad?

    quantum qhm 7468
  4. quantum qhm 7468
  5. chandra prakash said:
    quantum qhm 7468

    Can't seem to find the drivers from an official source, only 3rd parties.

    Also according to this point of sale:

    the controller does not support windows 8
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