amd hd 7790 and amd hd 7850

Can these two graphic card be crossfire?? i have 7790 now and i would like to add one more graphic card. any suggestion for new graphic card that compatible with amd hd 7790.

mobo:gigabyte GA-970A-DS3, ram 16gb, 2tb hdd, 120 ssd, fx8320, 460 watt power supply.
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    Even if you could crossfire a 7850 with a 7790, it would just downclock itself to match the 7790. Don't waste the money and just grab another 7790.
  2. Okay thanks, do i need upgrade my power supply?
  3. Depends. 1) Does it have two PCIe connectors?
    2) What brand and model is it?
  4. 1) only one
    2) cooler master - 460 watt
  5. Then you're going to need an upgrade, yes.

    You need a power supply with two PCIe connectors, and one that's relaible; cooler master isn't.

    I'd recommend a 500 or 550w by corsair, seasonic, or xfx.
  6. Thanks bro. gonna find some money now.
  7. Lister Bos said:
    Thanks bro. gonna find some money now.

    Yep, that's always the downside to tinkering with computers. :P
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