Acer M5 Backlight Wont Work (HELP i need this for school tomorrow)

i have an acer aspire M5-481T and i was using it and it worked fin then i closed it and later came back and turned it on and the back light doesn't work i know its not the LCD because i can still just see the screen in the light when it on an angle i really need to fix this quickly because its my school laptop and it will probably take the it guys 2 weeks to fix it and i cant take it apart because its the schools and i am just paying for it and also they installed windows 8 -_- on the laptops and btw acer sucks :fou: HELP!!!!!
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    Well, it's very likely that the backlight is broken. You'll have to send it in or repair it yourself. Either way, you won't have it fixed by tomorrow.
  2. The back light cable came out , that's why it wouldn't work
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