CPU cooler to OC amd fx 8350

First , I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong section,And i know this has been asked many times before , Just bare with me please.

Hello everyone , i'm a new member here and i have a question about cpu coolers
to overclock my AMD fx8350.

I am looking for a good cpu cooler that will fit in my computer and keep my CPU and allow me to overclock it to 4.6 or 4.8 , I don't know much about computers very new , I would prefer Air-cooling because water cooling scares me when ever i hear it haha,And about the price id say about 0-70 euros.

My PC:
CPU:Amd fx 8350
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 7970 Gigabyte oc edition
Ram: 2x4 gb Kingston hyperX 1866
Bronze 80 plus.
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  1. The Hyper 212 EVO is a decent option, or if you're willing to spend more, the Noctua -D14 is bloody amazing.
  2. You could use the popular Cooler Master 212 EVO, it's cheap at $30 to $35 and as long as your case has good air flow ( that Gigabyte case looks pretty good ) you will not hit 55C. I use a 8350 with a Thermalright 120mm cooler with 2 120mm fans and it is nearly identical in design ( except I added the 2nd fan, the 212 has 1, but you can add one to it ) Temps are around 40C at 4.3Ghz and 50C at 4.7Ghz gaming. At idle when OC,d it's 31 to 35 depending on room temp. I have a Silverstone Raven II case, which with 3 180mm fans blowing up from the bottom, has excellent air flow. I only recommend the CM 212 EVO, because it is $10 cheaper and roughly the same performance. I also use an ECO mode on my Asus MB when not gaming and the idle temps drop to 28C, under load max is 37C.
  3. The Noctua seems like a beasty cooler and the 212 evo is nice as well, these both will fit in my case ? and the diffrence in the proformance is it alot, and which 1 would you recommend if i had to choose between the 2 ?
  4. Seems like a fairly big case, so I think the Noctua will fit. The 212 EVO will fit just fine.

    And yes, there's a fairly significant difference between the two - the D14 cools better than an H100i all-in-one.
  5. Depends on exactly what you want to use the cooling for. If you are going to do a workforce computer or for extreme gaming. It just depends on needs.

    well few options based on price, these usually seem to be the best models i've come across:

    Entry Level Solid Cooler : CM Hyper 212 EVO - $25-40 (easy 4.5ghz OC on fx-8350, i can attest for it)

    Mid Level : Xigmatek Dark Knight Knighthawk Edition - $40-50 (been hearing amazing things because of the ceramic coating and efficiency)

    Mid Level - High Level : Noctua NH-D14 -$80-90 (the ferrari of air cooling)

    High Level : Corsair H100i - $120 (not greatly better than the noctua, but definitely a alternative, no maintenance required for at least 3 years)

    Overkill Level : EK or XSPC 240mm Entry Level Liquid Cooling Kits- $170 (great for getting your feet wet, and also it is flexible for graphic card cooling, etc. I personally am going to take this step soon)

    Water cooling is a lot easier than what the community makes it appear. Sometimes it can be very intimidating but if you look aside from the work of building one, it's actually quite easy. Even aio closed loop cooling can benefit. for some people if you're going to make this a long term pc, you may want to have something light on top of the board so liquid cooling works for many. Personally i've been thinking of the idea of going a full water cooled rig because my video cards heat up so much that it severely affect the ambient temp of my case. With water cooling, you can do some massive stable OC's and if you do want to do basic OC, it will ultimately increase the life of the components due to temperature difference. Just throwing out ideas
  6. I have a full watercooled system, and love it. That being said, even though the H100i is the best all in one out there, I seriously don't recommend it or any other all in one.

    Even though they cool on par with big air, they have way more moving parts, and are thus more likely to break, and when they do, they don't have a large metal bit to dissipate heat. If they fail catastrophically, they spew liquid all over the case, instead of harmless plastic.
  7. Thanks for the reply's, I am going to do basic overclocking i guess 4,6-4,8 (5 if the cooler i get allows me to go that far and keep cool and smooth) I have been told water cooling is better to push higher overclocks but i am going to keep this computer for at least 4 years , i think i will go with noctua since it seems like a cooler that will keep the chip cold , this is my pc from the inside im only worried that the cooler might not fit , , I am tempted to get water cooling but it doesnt feel right to get 1.
  8. You might have to remove that back fan, but other than that, it should fit. The case is deep enough to fit it, which is really the biggest concern.

    If you do go water cooling, you're much better off going with a open kit... but they'll start at about $180, and the Noctua should do what you want just fine.
  9. Back fan, The green one or the black one , which do you mean, and 180 $ is alot of money haha,and will removing the back fan effect anything ?
  10. Best answer
    Er, sorry, I meant the green one. Got confused by the angles of the photos. :P

    As long as you have decent airflow in your case, which you do from the front fans, taking off that fan won't be a problem at all.
  11. OK i guess , if removing the green fan wont do anything then ill get the noctua im very glad that i choose this case when i did , haha . thank you very much and everyone who replied and helped me .
  12. Glad we could help!

    Just let us know if you have more questions.
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