PS3 with HDMI to VGA converter


first of all i would like to note what i tried and what i have.

I've purchased this converter from eBay:
( It's working when i plugged it in on PC HDMI out to any VGA Input Monitor/TV, also on Laptop HDMI to any VGA Input Monitor/TV )

I've ViewSonic VA2431wma, it's Full HD with only VGA input.
ViewSonic VA1912a-LED, it also hes only VGA input, both of these are in my room.
Sony Bravia KDL-37BX401 ( PS3 works here with hdmi cable, but TV is in living room, with converter it gives unsupported signal )

So i want PS3 to work on any of those 2 Monitors, i've tried restarting it to defaults, selecting all outputs, 1080p/i, 720p, no luck, always unsupported signal from ps3 ( on tv vga ), on monitors i get no signal than black screen, than no signal again, than black screen, like that 5 times, than they go to stand by, than it starts again same process, always. Someone has experience with this?
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  1. I said i tried that.
  2. Could you problem be a lack of HDCP?

    I do not think the PS3 likes to see any device without HDCP in fact Sony even requires it to play games.
  3. This converter has HDCP. ;)

    Because of this no signal black screen, it looks to me that it's lacking power, but i don't have 3.5mm 5v DC :(
  4. Feel like hacking up a usb cable and some old headphones or dollar store extension cable(if you mean 3.5mm like headphone cable)? USB gives 5 volts :). Make the PS3 feed its own converter.

    If it DOES have HDCP, I want :)
  5. yeah it's female 3.5mm :) not male. that's good idea, taking 5v usb power, i'll take old nokia 3.5mm :)

    It says it's compatible with HDCP

    · Support:Accord with HDMI1.3 agreement,compatible HDCP agreement.
  6. You may want to contact the seller just to confirm that the tip is +

    also plug the cable in before the usb because 3.5mm cables tend to short when plugging(due to the design of such plugs).

    last off, remember to tape off the 2 data cables to keep them from touching each other or the power cables.
  7. Yeah i know that, did before, but not for 3.5mm plug.
    I found one 5v 1.2A Adapter but plug is too wide for converter. I'll report back in few hours. ;)
  8. I gotta report back, it's not DC, as far as i can tell.
    I took 5V 1.2A DC from DLinks Switch soldered 3.5mm plug along with dlinks plug, i made sure it works. ;)
    Plugged it in Converter, still same. Not working.

    If you stumble upon this Converter, it's working perfectly for any other source except PS3, i've tried Laptop HDMI to any device, works perfectly, i tried DVB-T2 tuner with hdmi output on any device works perfectly, from my pc ATI HDMI everything works. But PS3, nop.
  9. Out of curiosity, Can you play a bluray or run a bluray adviser on the pc to ensure HDCP is actually working?
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