Games stuck on my pc......

All of my games are getting stuck
my config:
Intel core Pentium IV
Ram: 2.80GB

At starting all of my games were running well now they started getting stuck
please please Sir Tel me solution
I play games like Vice City, IGI
and alll
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  1. Your system won't be able to run very many games, imo. How old is it? DO you have money to upgrade or build a new system?
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    Hello DineshZaladekar,
    So Solution for you is
    Note:Move all of your Game from C:\Program Files to D: drive
    And If you are having Music or Important documents just make a backup on D drive

    Now Go to PC Settings and click on add user and create an account
    make sure its adminstartor
    And then Sign Out and Sign In into that new account and go to control panel click on remove user and delete old account
    And then Run Games as Admin
    It will Work 99%
    If that dosent work contact me

    Regards & Enjoy :)
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