Hard Drive loud and frustrating...Should I just get a big SSD?

Hey guys!
I recently upgraded my pc. I have windows and apps installed on my intel 520 series 240gb ssd, and for games/storage/data i have a WD Green 2TB hard drive.

As of lately the hdd has been making some noises on startup. I have run HDD diagnostic tools and the tests have all passed. There is no "clicks of death" or anything along those lines but i feel the hard drive is just sluggish. Also, the green has the head parking issue where i powers down every 8 seconds, resulting in a little 'chirp' coming from the hard drive.

It is not a fan, it is definitely my hard drive.

I am so fed up. I know i could go get a wd black being faster, but they also make more noise!

So then i started thinking, wouldn't it be just beautiful if i had no moving parts in my pc. I went and looked up large SSD drives thinking im going to see insanely expensive ones. But to my surprise i came across the CRUCIAL M500 960GB SSD!

I am very tempted to get it and say adios to damn hard drives forever! However, i do not want to make stupid decisions.

What do you guys think?
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  1. a WD green HDD is not a "fast" hdd... get the WD black series, or Velociraptor series...

    also the WD red series of HDD, does not have the head parking thing...

    but, if the drive itself is loud, a HDD drive silencer such as the bungie cord trick, or the zalman harddrive silencer, of the nexus hdd silencer will work.

    dream big, but your wallet should be as BIG... a 960GB SSD is EXPENSIVE!!!...
  2. You can try to use WDidle3 to stop the head parking(or at least set it to 300 min and not 8 seconds).


    While not made for the green line of drives, Many report it works with them

    Again based on reviews, the RED line is very quiet.

    I have the 2TB black and yeah, It is quiet. Once i put in 2 x 256gigabyte SSDs and a slower hard drive things have been good for me.

    The final decision is up to you and how much you want the silents and speed(for me a large slower drive works great for storage).

    Ohh and for noise, I feel your pain, I have a WDC Blue 1TB notebook drive because it is quiet, but while listening to music off it, the thing will go to sleep and wake up making a chirp noise as well. All other times when it spins down or up, it is silent. just when it try to park and unpark up right away does it make a noise.
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