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I'm from PH. I'm new in water cooling and It's quite hard to find a store that sells a CWCK since most sold here are CLCS. I Finally found a store but I don't know which parts to choose. Please help me pick the right parts, heres the link

(just go to find and key in "liquid" cuz there's a lot of items there)

Can you give me a CPU cooling only and a CPU & GPU cooling option.
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  1. I'm sorry, where are you from? I'm not sure where PH is referring to; there should be a number of online options if you're in north america or europe.
  2. PH

  3. Yes from philippines
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    The best thing for you to do is look at the watercooling sticky (link in my signature) and see which solution is best for you. If it's just CPU cooling you decide upon, you have plenty of options from an AIO unit such as the Corsair H100 to a custom loop. If you want to cool both your CPU and GPU with water, then you're most likely looking at a custom loop (however, you can mod an AIO onto a GPU, just Google Kuhler 620 GPU mod).

    We don't tend to recommend which unit to buy, or spec out a loop in the same way we spec out PC systems on this forum. It's important that you understand how a water loop works and goes together before you pull the trigger on it. If you don't fully understand how it all goes together, there's a greater chance you'll do something wrong and end up writing off your whole system.
  5. I already know about the custom brackets dwood make. I don't think he makes them anymore. but I'll look on your link.
  6. He does, I bought one 2 months ago.
  7. Where did you contact him? I can't seem to do that in his site.

    Although I've noticed it says he's taking a break to clear some back orders. That being said, he says brackets are still available in the shop so give it a go.

    I've got the bracket for the 620 Kuhler I'd be happy to mail to you, if you pay for the postage - will give you the bracket free. PM me if you're interested.
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