What is the best GPU for me?

What graphics card do you recommend for me?

At the moment I have a GeForce 7600 GS (PCI-E x16).

Intel Pentium D 2.66 Ghz
2 GB RAM 667 Mhz
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I don't know what's best for me. I have a budget of around 100 €.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I wouldn't invest too much in that system if I were you. It's pretty outdated and a new graphics card isn't going to help much.
  2. Okay, but maybe 50€? This is pretty much the only opportunity for me to play games. I don't want to play high-end games with 100 FPS. Just games like Minecraft or Fallout:NV with decent fps (I don't care for visual, can be on low settings.)

    Will a Radeon HD 3850 work?
  3. nah thats going too cheap. go with a Geforce GT 620/630.
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    An HD3850 should work, but that's not worth €50. If you're getting it second hand, I'd pay about €25 for that card max.
  5. Okay, thanks for your help. It's pretty hard finding a cheap working HD3850. Would AGP x8 work on my motherboard? I have a Fujitsu Siemens P5RS600-FVM.
  6. If your current card is pci-e x16, AGP will not work.
  7. If this is correct: you have a PCIe slot, so you'd need a PCIe graphics card, not an AGP one.

    (duh, and you said your current card is a PCIe card. :D )
  8. Thanks for your answers. I think all my questions are now answered.
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