Duplicate nvidia surround on fourth display hdmi port?

As title says, would it be possible to duplicate the 5760x1080 screen to a projector on the the hdmi or display port?
If i can, i would like to project the duplicate over my pc monitors and the wall behind to get some kind of ambient lighting that i think would give me a better and more immersive experience in games.

Now i know that the projector cant show 5760x1080 ofc but thinking it would ither show just the middel part or scale it down 1920x1080
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  1. Hmmm let me make sure I understand.. You want three accross the bottom doing nvsurround and a 4th (Projector) showing what you see on the three screens..? If this is so then no the 4th screen will not do anything fancy at all no 3d no duplicate display. It will be used for an informational display only. You can put a movie up on the 4th display or some ambient light of some sort if you are just looking for good lighting...

  2. Hi. Yeah that's what i thought of doing.

    If thats not possible, is there any software that in someway could monitor the nsurround screen to feedback colors according to the game?
  3. trying to get that xbox prototype kinda feel huh :) I do not know of anything like this that is out now but wait till it hits xbox bet it hits PC's soon after.

  4. By the time it will come, Ill be all occulus rift :P
  5. LOL an innovator huh :) good luck...
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