Nvidia 760 ti

I know it's hard to tell, but do you think a Nvdia 760 ti or 770 will be enough for BF4 and watchdogs?
I have a i5 2500k 4,1 ghz
8 gig ram ddr3
ATM still a AMD 5850
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  1. Probably. It's impossible to say for sure though. Neither of the games are released yet, so there aren't any benchmarks yet. The card isn't released yet either.
  2. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654625495481816/

    that might help you with your question. whether or not it will be "enough" is hard to know becuase our definition of enough might be different. it should be able to play it, and play it very well, but we cant tell until it is out.
  3. Based on the benchmarks I've seen, the 770 has able to run all of the latest titles smoothly with maxed out settings, beating the 680 and 7970. I think if you get rid of your old graphics card and replace it with something like the 770 you should have no problem running the next generation games on your pc. However, I don't know about the 760 ti it hasn't been released yet but I'm sure it will be a major improvement from the last generation 660 ti (considering the 770 is an upgrade from the 670 and the 660ti performs almost identically to the 670).
  4. The 770 gives you same performance as the 7970, which means that it will most likely run battlefield 4 on ultra (everything maxed out) settings with your average of in multiplayer being 30-45 fps.
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