Low GPU + CPU usage

GTX 570 HD
i7 2600k @ 4.5 GHz
1000w PSU

I have a 120hz monitor and I'm finding that most games don't even break the 90 fps mark while my CPU/CPU usage sit at around 20-40%. I've tried updating all my drivers with no luck.

Low FPS even with Vsync on/off. FPS isn't limited in Nvidia control panel.

The most recent culprit is Team Fortress 2 which previously ran at 132 FPS 99% of the time with GPU usage around 30%. Now I'm getting GPU usage around 15%. I use the lowest graphics settings on every game I play.
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  1. foreverdood said:
    ...I use the lowest graphics settings on every game I play.

    That will cause low usage. When you turn down a games video settings, it often times turns down (or even off) a bunch of rendering technologies too. Take Arma 3 for example. When you turn shadow settings down below "Medium" it anticipates you not having a good GPU and offloads the work to the CPU which makes the issues worse than the user desired.

    I bet that if you turn your settings to max, you will see a huge increase in GPU & CPU utilization
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