Will this power supply handle this system?

I'm planning on upgrading my current setup by buying a Sapphire 7970 Vapor-x 3gb, an aftermarket heatsink - Cooler Master 212EVO and an extra 500gb 7200rpm hard drive.
So, in the end the build will look like this:

I'm not sure that my Power supply will be able to handle the system, it has 40A on a +12V rail, which I think results in 480W. Am I ok to stick with it? I do plan on overclocking, eventually. But it can wait, since, I think this build can run pretty much everything on decent settings.
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  1. Yes. Your PC will draw around 380 watts without overclocking.

    This is one of the best PSU calculators.
  2. Yes; you'll be fine.
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    Their test system: 105 W, Idle, 377W w/game, Maxed out (runing Furmark) 434W
    Bear in mind that is Total Power which includes the +5 and +3.3V Rails.

    You will will be close to above power consumption, (maybe slightly less) They used a higher end CPU, But only used a single SSD and No DVD drive and 16 gigs Ram verse your 8 Gigs.

    Bottom Line, Yes CX600 is fine as long as you do not xfire in the future.

    Personally I consider the Corsair (love them) CX line-up as a Mid grade PSU, Thier entry level PSU, and prefer the TX and HX line-up - AX just flat out to expensive. Believe the CS line is a cut above the CX
  4. RetiredChief said:
    Bottom Line, Yes CX600 is fine as long as you do not xfire in the future.

    I'll definitely get another power supply if I'll decide to run in crossfire, will probably follow your advice, and get an HX PSU.

    Thanks guys, now I can be at rest, it's great to hear that I won't need to replace this PSU, since I've bought it a only year and a half ago.
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