My PC wouldn't get pass the black screen when trying to start it

Windows was installing some updates yesterday. I mistakenly turn it off. Meaning my PC was shut down during the updates installation abruptly. Since then I have been trying to reBoot my PC in the Sofe mode, start normally, or the last configuration mode, but it wouldn't get pass the black screen with the Windows logo on it. Can someone guide on how I can solve this problem? I am running Windows XP Ultimate 32-bit. I have the installation of Windows XP
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  1. Insert the Windows CD, have your computer boot from that CD, then click on the 'repair Windows installation' button and it should guide from there.
  2. Worse case
    Insert Win XP disk and select Upgrade. That should retain drivers and programs and ONLY rewrite windows files. Ofcoaurse you will have to redownload ALL winds XP updates.
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