File Format for Flash Drive - To run programs and store .iso files

I have a 64gb flash drive that i use primarily as a software toolkit to fix computers. I use it to run programs off of (such as Hirens boot disc) without installing them on the actual pc. i also store windows .iso files for if i need to re-install windows as well as keep windows drivers on it. ive had it formatted to Fat32 since i got it, but recently was unable to store a large file on it due to the file size limit. so im looking for a new file system. Im not sure if i should use NTFS for exFAT for what im doing.

I use this drive with many different computers running windows from xp to 8. i read that exFAT will not work with xp if it doesn't have sp1, which is a concern of mine as i use it to install drivers to xp machines before updating them to sp1.

However i also read that NTFS will shorten the life of my drive because it will write logs for every interactions. as well that i may have permission issues using it across so many different pc's.

if anyone could shed some light on this dilemma it would be greatly appreciated. Even better if anyone is in a similar situation, how do you handle using so many programs and files. personally i was sick of having so many boot discs.

thanks for all your help, im sure this is a fairly elementary question for people who have been IT much longer than i have.
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  1. I have used NTFS with my USB sticks for years with no problems at all.
  2. mcnumpty23 said:

    can i use this in conjunction with storing files as well, or will it consume the whole drive?
  3. never tried storing files as well

    probably can do if you load all your isos and tools first then just make a new folder on the flash drive for storage

    or make the storage folder inside one of the installed tools/isos

    so if you do install a new tool/iso the storage folder doesnt get wiped
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