Looking for a new PSU

Im looking for a new PSU in the 80/90€ range (100$/120$) on Europe(Portugal if possible).

Wanted to adquire at least a 700W PSU due to possible GPU upgrade and an addition of SSD.

My actual system is a:
i5-2500K normally with OC at 4.5GHz(Hyper 212+ 40C idle/60C Max)
Gigabyte Z68 MA D2H B3
8 GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Performance 1600Mhz
PNY GTX 560 ti XLR8 OC1
2 320GB HDD SATA 2/3.
Current PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W

The ones i have being verifying are these at least for my budget:
THERMALTAKE TR2 800W, CORSAIR TX650 V2, Cougar CMX v2 700W, CORSAIR GS700 2013 EDITION , FRACTAL DESIGN INTEGRA R2 750W,Corsair Enthusiast TX650M, Corsair GS800, Be Quiet Pure Power L8 730W CM, XFX CORE EDITION PSU PRO 750W, and the THERMALTAKE SMART MODULAR 650W .

I just want to replace, due to shutdowns when using the CPU and GFX at max( PC power shutdown, no BSODS or information avaliable on Events viewer),I want one that supports well OC for CPU at 4.5Ghz, as also able to take OC on GPU, and able to grip some 140mm Fans.
Note: I am more a modular fan, although i wanted to know what is the best Bang for Buck, and that can last at least 3 years
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  1. To size the psu, look at this table:

    If you want to upgrade your graphics, I suggest replacing the GTX560ti with a single stronger card instead of attempting sli.

    Whatever you do, pick a high quality PSU. Here is one list of psu's organized by quality tiers:
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    Take your pick between the Corsairs and XFX you have on the list. (or look up Seasonic PSUs too)

    Pretty much if you stick to Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, XFX, and a few other ones, you'll get quality PSUs that can last at least 5+ years.
  3. Went to XFX, and truly fixed my main problem for the Heavy use crashes.
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