Winfast GTS 250 doesn't boot in Windows 7

I have a Leadtek Winfast GTS 250 1Gb GDDR3 and it worked fine for over 3 years.2 Days ago, while I was working on my homework with my PC on, it suddenly crashed.I have not used the PC in that moment.Now, every time I try to boot to Windows 7 it gives blue screen right after the Welcome text. I reinstalled Windows, but with no success.It boots in safe mode and works in Linux just fine.I tried the video card in an other PC but the same result - blue screen after Welcome screen. Does anyone have any idea ?

I tried with two psu, both 500W on both computers.
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    Just buy a new video card, sorry to say, heat may have bricked yours
  2. I have a hot air soldering station, should I try to heat the video card with it ?
  3. I heated the video card to 350 C but it seems that it will face the trash soon.
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