how full harddrive encryption on linux distros?

This is about full harddrive system encryption. I have tried to learn how to system encrypt
linux distros. But I cannot. I have read about luks.
In general my question is, if you can handle partitioning and luks, can you then make system encryption on any linux distro, because it is the same software?
Can I get some tutorial links?
I wanted to install arch, again using full system encryption. I got these links about the subject
Instructions would be well received?
The same goes for peppermint. Thanks.
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    There are too many variables to give you a instruction guide however to answer your question Yes you could make a system encryption with any distro if you understand partitioning and luks.
    For instruction guides as a general guide the arch wiki is rather comprehensive also there is one from arch as well for truecrypt the only other alternative I know of for a encryption of a whole block device. But in answering your question yes if you encrypt a drive it will either be the whole drive or a specific partition(s) however no matter what the drive encryption schema (or OS for that matter) you use the boot directory must reside in its own non encrypted partition.
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