NEED HELP URGENTLY!! Graphics card Intermittent fault

I have a XFX 7950 DD and it has been causing me problems. I shall list them below.
High tempratures at idle and load in a room with an ambient temp of 12c or under. Idle is 60c+ and load is always above 75C at stock clocks in a case with good airflow.
Poor performance, the card is massively under performing and is performing worse than my old 5770.
The most recent problem is that it fails to start. this first happened today. I turned the computer off because it was not in use then when i turned it on 1 hour later it didn't show the bios and the screens were blank. Sometimes it would shut down after 10 seconds and start up. After failed attempts to turn it on i removed the graphics card and used the on board graphics and it booted fine. after this i installed the graphics card and use the other connectors on my psu and it booted. I then reverted to the original configuration and it booted again. I really do not know what the problem could be. Is the gpu? or something else. I really need some help as i have invested alot of money on this rig which i cant afford to lose. All help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. it sounds like the gpu's faulty...
  2. have you made sure there's no dust/particles in the slot you're using for the gpu?
    is the motherboard shorting somewhere to the chassis when it's inserted in the slot (is it bending the board because you don't have the correct stand-offs installed for the motherboard?)
    have you tried the card in another slot? with the same results? how about another computer entirely?
  3. Power everything down.

    Get a can of compressed air and blast it through the PCI-E slot.

    I also suspect your card is over heating hectically. Check your fans and keep check on the temperatures to confirm.

    Have you also tried putting the card I a different slot? If you have a crossfire board.
  4. This is in the wrong forums but what power supply do you have?
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