Some Emails in inbox Outlook 2010 for previous days are missing!

I have tried everything I can find to solve my problem with no luck!
Windows 8
Outlook 2010

I have two accounts in Outlook, one is mine own and one is my working email. I have a business and get a lot of emails daily.....many are left in my inbox so I can go back to them at another time. Here is where the problem lies! I can see emails in the morning and when I go back to these later in the day...they are missing. Usually Outlook shows today's emails, the yesterday, then next day, etc. and stay there until deleted. Well, not any more! Now I have only Today's emails.

The strange thing is that my own account is working perfectly. This is a huge problem for me, since many of these lost emails are from customers who are waiting for a reply.

I have gone to my webmail, and the missing emails are not showing there either. I hope there is someone here to can help.

Thanks You!
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  1. Have you checked to make sure you haven't accidentally resorted by a specific column?
  2. Not sure! Is possible to see in any way? :(((
  3. To make sure you are sorting by Received date, click the column header and make sure the little black arrow is pointing down.
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