the best screen ? for games and movies ?

Asus VX238H or Asus VS239HR or AOC i2353Ph ?
the IPS technology is good or have a some problem ?
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  1. IPS means better viewing angles and better color reproduction. PLS is better though. but ips is still very good. IPS and PLS typically are slower gaming monitors compared to tn panels but are better for movies and browsing, photo editing, etc.
  2. thank you
    but the best screen from this ?
    Asus VX238H or Asus VS239HR or AOC i2353Ph ??????
  3. thank you
    this is best Asus VX238H ( TN )
    but this not in Egypt now Acer H236HLbid Black 23
    i whant screen warranty good in Egypt
    only samsung and asus and AIO in Egypt now
    my old screen is LG L194WT very good but not support 1080 not full HD and has 5 ms 1440*900
  4. Oops mean the second one. it is ips so better picture quality.
  5. hhhhhh
    Asus VS239HR
    thank you
  6. i get asus mx 239h very good thank you :)
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