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I work for a company where they have an office domain with several computers that all share a company drive P: The owner of said company would like to connect to the P: from his house in case he can't make the trek in.

I grabbed a computer from the office that was already connected to the office domain and put it in his home office. It connects to the internet using his home router and ip but now it will not connect to domain therefore cannot see the shared drive.

Is there a way to connect the computer from his office in his house to the server domain in the office to access everything as if he was physically there?

I've tried using the secondary IP/Subnet mask on the home office as the one in the main office but it still did not connect properly

Any help is much appreciated.

The computer at his house is running Windows 7 proffessional and the Server in the office is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

I can remotely connect to the server from the house and I can ping the server IP.
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    you need to set up a VPN. I assume this is a very very small company and your their equivalent of IT/network admin?
  2. Need to either setup a VPN connection or setup a secondary public IP address associated with the file server. I would recommend VPN - secure by requiring authentication rather than having your file share be accessible to the world. You will probably want to use an firewall appliance to facilitate your VPN - I have used Cisco and Sonicwall in the past, both are reliable and manageable if you have the right experience. That's my two bits
  3. You could also enable offline file access on the laptop for that network drive - it would save a copy of those files on the local disk of that laptop for them to be able to access file outside the network.
  4. There's also FTP... I just don't know what your familar with considering what you tried first lol. And that's no offense. I well understand being the computer "Guy" and getting thrust into situations you don't know what to do. But your "the Guy". They make interesting learning opportunities
  5. Thanks for all the help!

    I'm the "Techie" guy part time at this place so I really appreciate the help. I've had to learn a bunch about networking and the way servers are setup. Most of the time, I'm shooting from the hit cause it's not really my background.

    I was reading on another site where people were saying it was possible to connect to the domain by changing the router's forwarding addresses and that's what I was trying to recreate.

    The VPN seems like an obvious solution that I overlooked.
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