Trouble With Nvidia 7025 Onboard Graphics

I recently put a new motherboard and processor in my cousin's computer for him because he needed a small upgrade from the dated set up he was using, very tight budget low end anyway it was still better than his slow single core processor and outdated board (specifics of which I can't remember sorry) or at least it should have been the board I put in was :

I picked it because it was in his budget and the onboard graphics should have been better than what he was using and it has a bit of room for upgrading not the best board I know but I had to keep it close to $100 dollars for both parts

The processor I picked was this:

It was chosen because I could get in his budget and it was faster than his last processor and also dual core instead of the single core he was running.(starting to feel like I should have went with an APU and different board instead of this setup)

The plan was that he was going to buy a low-mid end dedicated graphics card soon after this swap and I wanted to leave the board open to upgrade his cpu later on because he wants to get into gaming hence me not picking an APU setup instead now though he was trying to play some games while he waits for enough money to get more parts of course and the onboard graphics are performing even worse than they should even the sims 3 is struggling to be playable. from my understanding the Geforce 7025 which is on the board should be comparable to the Radeon hd3200 onboard graphics I had a computer with the 3200 on the motherboard and a slightly slower processor than his (same amount of ram by the way sorry I'll list his full components soon) those onboard graphics can run skyrim and the new tomb raider even at playable frames on low settings (ugly but playable) and are just fine for most mmo games which leaves me puzzled as to what is going on with his graphics now as he can't play anything but facebook games I've tried updating all drivers, made sure direct x was on there, changed the settings to performance in the nvidia control panel just everything i could do to get the games to even make it to 20 frames a second but games like for instance dc universe online are completely unplayable even in character creation at 640x480 windowed with everything at its lowest possible settings, this just can't be right even for integrated graphics it is performing worse than it was before even. So I come here asking for an opinion on what could be wrong here my thoughts right now are that maybe it's not getting enough power under load, everything runs flawlessly outside of trying to play a game definite improvement there from what he had before but the power supply is an old dell OEM supply, or that maybe the board is faulty and something is wrong with the onboard graphics

His full specs that I can remember please pardon the lack of full detail I don't have the computer with me:

Motherboard: ASRock N68C-GS FX (link above)

Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 270 Regor 3.4GHz (again link above)

Harddrive: I don't know exact details on it however it's an OEM from dell and it's 320GB

Ram: 2x2GB ddr2 speed escapes me at the moment sorry

Power Supply: 300w dell power supply again OEM can't remember the brand

Case: A dell something small tower, has just enough room for micro ATX

Fans: I believe an 80mm fan on the case and then the stock cpu cooler

a dvd cd combo drive and I believe that is all that is on the computer

Sorry I took so long explaining things a big please and thank you to anyone offering suggestions for what can be wrong with this thing I'll be going back over there in a day or two to test some things out and probably check that the power supply is pushing out enough thank you very much kind community and also thank you for reading so far in I apologize if this is in the wrong section or if I forgot anything vital, very tired today x.x

oh and just in case I get asked yes I did use a power supply calculator before tossing this all together, did not however put in the capacitor aging because I was unsure of what it was, according to the calculator I used 300w was just a little more than enough for the new parts
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  1. OEM PSU's generally list MAXIMUM voltage, not their consistent voltage. For example, a high-end 750W PSU might get 800W at some points, but they only list the 750 because that's the guaranteed voltage you get out of it. Chances are the parts that came with the OEM Dell drew much less than 300W.
    Plus, under load, those psu's tend to have these power spikes and dips and such.
  2. So it's likely that the psu IS in fact not enough to power the system when under load?
  3. How much did the power supply calculator give you and how old is the power supply?
  4. 201 watts just went and punched it in again and the supply is probably 5-6 years old
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    Yeah you might wanna throw a higher powered power supply in there if you have one to see if it is a PSU problem after all.
  6. Thanks for your help hopefully that is whats wrong since that was what i was thinking and you thought it too I'm gonna try that to fix it :)
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