2nd gen i3 (2.2 Ghz CPU speed) Vs 3rd gen i5 (2.5 Ghz CPU speed)

For simple internet browsing will a laptop with a 3rd generation i5 of 2.5 Ghz will make any noticeable difference over a 2nd generation i3 of 2.2 Ghz speed. I am currently comparing two laptops with the above mentioned CPU features. The RAM, motherboard, hard disc etc used are same in both the above laptops (for example both the above laptops use 4 GB RAM).

i understand for browsing the internet the cpu speed is not too important and a cpu around 2.2 Ghz speed should be sufficient too so the 2nd laptop mentioned above is sufficient, but my question is actually not whether the 2.2 Ghz CPU speed is sufficient or not rather whether the 2.5 Ghz CPU speed will produce a better internet browsing experience (faster and snappier internet browsing) over the 2.2 Ghz speed or will it produce about the same web browsing experience? If the 2.2 ghz cpu speed will produce as good experience as the 2.5 ghz cpu speed then i will go for the 2.2 ghz laptop since ii is less expensive compared to the 2.5 ghz laptop.

Both the above intel cpu are hyperthreaded, but the i5 has turbo boost and also as you see above it is about 300 Mhz faster than the i3, but will these turbo boost and 300 mhz additional cpu speed make any difference for some one who just does the basic internet browsing like yahoo, google, occasional yahoo chats, occasional youtube, some microsoft word etc (and I do not use any gaming or any complex computer activities at all, i will use the computer only for above mentioned basic purposes).
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  1. How much more is the i5 over the i3 for you?

    For simply doing internet browsing an i3 is more than enough, and you shouldn't notice a difference.

    A 6 year old PC can internet browse fine, make sure you have a SSD in the laptop and you will notice a bigger difference.
  2. You will see no difference between i3 to an i5 for just web browsing. Actually if all you are going to do is web browsing you could get a weaker and cheaper machine and see no practical drop in performance.
  3. Thanks both of you, very helpful!
  4. Probably no noticable difference.

    If you want a faster experience, then a SSD would be a worthwhile purchase and would noticably improve your experience.
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    Back in the days when a Pentium 4 and 512MB of RAM were common it was harder for cheaper systems to browse the web. These days it almost doesn't matter at all which CPU you get for web browsing. The main thing you want to look for is a dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM minimum. Computers at my college still use old Pentium D's from the year 2006 and honestly I do not notice much if any slow down at all when browsing the web on them. Pretty much any dual core CPU will do simple web browsing with ease. No need to worry about an Intel Core i3 being slow for that purpose. That said, you still want to get the best for your money. Don't get a core i3 when you can get something better for the same price or only slightly more. Shop smart today and tomorrow you will thank yourself.

    Look more for laptops that will give you a better experience when using them. A laptop with a nice keyboard is something that can truly be taken for granted. Also, go for an LED backlit screen. LED backlit screens are much brighter than the old screens and use less power at the same time. Consider the screen size as well and the touchpad. Good battery life is also something you should look for. Get a good brand too like Asus or HP. I have personally had excellent experiences with both brands and they have excellent customer service. HP especially has great customer service.
  6. Thanks to all of you, very helpful!
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