Play Audio from Two Users on one Computer with Remote Desktop and Local Desktop


This is too obscure for google, but once i describe i think you'll agree that once we pull it off it will be baller. I have an old laptop in the living room that i use to remote desktop into my HTPC in that living room. What i want to do is DJ music on my HTPC from the Laptop, while my friends are playing video games.

Using remote desktop, it's simple enough to take over the speakers when logged in as a remote user and DJ music. However that seems to permanently cut the audio coming out of the local user on the HTPC, until they log back out and in. That's no good, because we want to hear the gunfire in the game at the same time as the music.

So, what i want is audio to play from 2 users out of the same computer at the same time. Audio coming from the remote desktop user playing music, and audio coming from the local user playing video games. Any ideas? Any help would be super awesome :)
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  1. a computer only has ONE source of audio and cannot split it to two devices.

    you could share the music and play it from another computer's speakers.
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