Which one should I pick i7 3930k of 3770k?

It is my first time building a pc. After a lot of research I have gathered all components but I am torn apart between the 3770 and 3930. PRICE IS NOT AN ISSUE FOR ME but I still consider it, so please let that not be your primary reason to suggest either. I will do gaming on the computer and run a dual boot. I am not doing any hardcore video or photo editing, just regular use. Dual boot is a big issue and please suggest a mobo for each processor. I have been looking at the sabertooth x79 for the 3930k and gigabyte up5 th wifi for the 3770k. Please consider that even though I won't do hardcore work and 3770k is perfect for value I need something that is future proof and how noticeable is the difference between the two chips? Sorry for being so foolish but this has been bothering me for a while now. All comments are appreciated.
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  1. This should answer your question


    If not scroll down to the bottom of the page...there's at least a dozen threads on the same topic
  2. For gaming i5 3570k = 3770k = 3930k...

    You will not gain anything in games when u go beyond 3570k
  3. If you are gaming, then 3770k will perform just as well as the 3930k. The 3930k is very good if you are doing very heavy threaded applications, or lots of virtual machines, but I think for your use a 3770k would be fine.

    The 3770k is a Ivy bridge quad core cpu with hyperthreading, so has 8 logical threads. The 3930k is a Sandybridge-E 6 core with hyperthreading so has 12 logical threads.
  4. well 3570k can actually render(simple tasks)!why to get an i7?i mean the 3770k is a very powerful cpu and i dont really recommend it for simple render tasks!
  5. Ok everybody recommends the 3770k. I am getting that instead if the i5 because I could get a better price for it actually I could get a better price for the 3930k too. That was my dilemma, but I think ill stick to the 3770
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