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I currently have EVGA 650ti. Besides shade flickering every once in a while, I really like this card and it runs every game well.

My 650 ti doesnt even have sli. I got the 650ti for almost half price a bit ago but now I actually have the money to upgrade and I was thinking of getting two radeon 7870's (hawk edition).

What this thread comes down to is: Is radeon 7870 a good graphic card and what would you recommend? The 7870 personally seems like a really good choice and I feel like I won't need to upgrade for a while after getting it.

I am in no hurry especially since my 650ti runs everything on high/ultra with no problems (so far).

I would love some input! Thanks.
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  1. If you're happy with the 650ti why do you want to upgrade? What are the rest of your system specs btw? (including resolution)
    And I would recommend a single 7970 or 670 instead of two 7870s if you do upgrade.
  2. If 650Ti is good for you now, you should wait for next gen GPUs
  3. It's a better idea to upgrade to the single best card you can afford rather than buying two lesser cards. Just make sure your power supply is good enough!

    And no need to upgrade to begin with if you are happy with the GTX 650 Ti.
  4. upgrade would depend on your monitor/res, the rest of your components and games you play............. elaborate.
  5. My specs are:
    3rd gen I7 CPU
    Asus p87ZZ-v-lk MOBO
    750watt supply
    8gb RAM (i will be upgrading)
    water cooled and so on

    I have a good led monitor as well.
    I play Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Skyrim and a bunch of other games. On max resolution, all run well, and extremely well on medium settings.

    Like I said, I am in no hurry. I just want to see what options and so on. I might consider getting one 7970. It all depends I guess. I just want a more powerful card(s) to compliment my system.

    Time will help! Thank you everyone for helping. If you have any other opinions based on my system specs, please feel free to add them! Thanks.
  6. yeah, a 7970 will work well with your system. So would a 670.
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