Acer Laptop wireless not working

Recently my wife's laptop has been very slow at loading pages/sites.
So a couple of days ago she does a clean install, hoping that would fix the problem (after having replaced the wireless card about 2 months ago).

After reinstalling OS (Win 7) twice, there is no wireless connectivity.
After installing the 2nd time, i watched to see if drivers were installed, which they were.

I have LAN connectivity to net, i have updated and installed and uninstalled all wifi and LAN drivers a couple of times, all to no avail.

I have HWVendor Detection on laptop and it picks up the wireless card (Atheros),
but it does not show up under Device Manager.

In Device Manager -> Network adapters, the Ethernet controller shows up, but no wireless.

In Device Manager -> Other devices, Network controller shows up, with error mark.

All other pc's/laptops/consoles have no problem connecting

Her laptop is an Acer V3-551G

I have tried in vain with no luck to rectify this problem, and i am hoping someone here can help.

If you need anymore info, let me know and i'll supply what i can.

Thanks ahead.
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  1. Ok. i think i have this current problem fixed. I managed to get connected via wifi, tho it is not stable.
    Is it possible that a problem with the cpu could be causing very slow page loading and extremely slow downloads?
    I find that if i have 2, 3 or more operations going at once everything slows down, page loading, downloads, installs..

    My wife did tell me that the bottom of the laptop was getting hot at one time, so i am now asuming that the problems
    are stemming from this. I have a sneaking suspicion that the paste between the heatsink and cpu may have deteriorated.
    Is it possible this may be a cause?

    Thanks ahead guys.
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