OC a E8500 on a P5E (X38) Asus Mobo stable at 4ghz

I need to Oc my current rig until I raise the money to buy my new one...I need help with the Voltages plz!!!!!

My Set up is :

Cpu : Intel core 2 duo E8500 (Stepping 6, Revision C0)

Mobo : Asus P5E (With latest Bios update)

Ram : Kingston (KHX8500D2K2/2G) x 2 = 4Gb in total
Manufactuer gives these reference timings 5-5-5-18 at 1,8V
and tested and guaranteed 5-5-5-15 at 2,2V (1066mhz)

Gpu : Sapphire Radeon 6800 (Toxic Edition)
Its Performance Numbers as shown in Ati Catalyst (Amd Overdrive Section):
Gpu Clock at 820Mhz
Ram Clock at 1100 Mhz
(Haven't Touched these at all...)

Case : Thermaltake XaserIII

Liquid Cooling : Corsair H60

Os: Win7 Ultimate 32bit and Win7 Ultimate64bit
Both of them running at 1980x1200 resolution and 32bit colour...

Here are My Bios Settings:

C1E > Disable (for now)
MaxCPUID > Disable
Vanderpool > Disable
CPU TM Function > Enable
Execute isable bit > Enable
SpeedStep > Disable (for now)
Cpu Ratio > x9.5
Fsb Strap > 400
Fsb Frequ > 425
Pci Exp Freq > 100
Dram freq > 850

Dram Timings > Manual
at 5-5-5-15
All rest of Ram is on Auto
Transaction Booster > Auto
Dram Static read Control > Auto

Cpu Volt> 1.4250
CpuGTL ref. > Auto
North br GTL ref > Auto
Pll vol > 1.60
Fsb Termination Volt > 1.34
Dram Volt > 2.2
North br Volt > 1.31
South Br Volt > 1.20
SB 1.5V Voltage > Auto
Loadline Calibration > disabled (for now)
Cpu spread Sp > Disabled
Pci spread Sp > Disabled


Core speed= 4038MHZ
Rated Fsb= 1700Mhz
Core Voltage= 1.392 V
Dram Freq= 425Mzh
Fsb : Dram= 1:1
Command rate= 2T
Channels = Dual
Dc mode = Symmetric

Idle temprature

Prime 95 temperature after 30min of 100% load (If no error is found..)
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  1. If you keep it under ~1.35V you should be fine.

    I got an E8400 to 3.8GHz with no voltage boost on a P5Q-EM, and that's not built for OCing (in fact, it was the mobo that stopped me).
  2. Best answer
    No one can really support you for OC values since each processor is different.
    One processor can go for example 600MHz higher without any increase of proc core voltage while others already need higher voltage.

    Everyone gets their own values by trial and run.
    How high can the processor go and stable and the values are all depending on your luck.

    Basically for not rush!
    Try to increase first the frequency little by little without changing the the voltage first.
    Increase freq while keep monitoring the stability until you reach the point where it is no longer stable than increase the voltage slightly again and again until the system is stable.
    Repeat the process until you reach the desired frequency....if your processor can really keep up...
    Do not jump directly to 4GHz!!
    Be careful not to tweak the voltage too high and also keep your eyes on the temperature too!!
  3. Yeah - what guanyu said.

    But apparently the E0-stepping C2D/C2Qs are awesome at OCing. Yours may or may not be one.

    Find a guide to OCing them - should have been a fairly common combination.
  4. Thank you all for you immediate response!!!
    I've read/studied all of Tom's Hardware to overclock regarding the core2duo chips and tried to understand them to the best of my ability...
    Unfortunatelly there isn't anything to help me approximatelly at least with the north/south bridge and Fsb termination/pll voltages.... I don't want the excact numbers I understand that every chip is unique...I just nead some overall guides as far as the voltages of P5E mobo with E8500 are concerned...
    p.s Do you think that a multipliyer of 8x with an FSb freq of 500 maybe a better way to achive 4Ghz if my chip finally manage to get there stable or the 9.5 x multiplier is my best solution?
    p.s2 Please forgive my dictionary...
  5. Another thing that I don't understand is that I set Cpu Voltage in Bios at 1.45 and when I run the CPUID at Windows it read Vcore 1.392! he CPUID Hardware Monitor shows the same... Why? does the Auto settings at others affect it or it is a common thing?
  6. I am trying over and over..I finally left my cpu at 3,8Ghz and my ram at 1066 (FSB : RAM 3:4).
    My highest no errors prime95 Core temp overnight was 45 C.
    My Vcore is 1.30V-1.32V
    My ram core 2.2V
    I know it can reach higher but prime 95 finds error in about 1 hour and a half at most of my settings for 4ghz... and temp maxes approximately at 65 C.
    I think my chip isn below average... :(
  7. OC is also matter of luck..
    about 6-10 years ago, I had 2 Pentium D805 processors and one of them is NOT OC'able.
    I tried everything but it was just unstable...on any setting beside stock.
    The other one could easily hit 3.2GHz without any problem at all
  8. Thanks a lot guanyu210379.I think I have a really bad chip...Bad luck...
  9. Thanks schmuckley I will try them out right away..:pt1cable:
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