bootmgr compressed won't boot

bootmgr compressed won't boot don't have vista cd will windows 7 CD work. What do I do?
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  1. The Vista DVD will get you to a Command Prompt but I doubt that a W7 disk would do the same. When you get there, type each of the following, including any spaces, and press Enter after each one:-
    expand bootmgr temp
    attrib bootmgr -s -r -h
    del bootmgr
    ren temp bootmgr
    attrib bootmgr -a +s +r +h

    Restart the computer without the DVD in the drive and see if that helped.
  2. I have the same problem but this didn't help at all. Can anyone suggest another solution?
  3. When it was busy not helping, did it display any error messages on pressing Enter at any of the stages? Are you running Vista or Windows 7?
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