3570k + SSD or 3770k no SSD for gaming

Hello, I think I know the answer to this already but I would like to double check.
Would I be better off getting a 3570k plus an SSD for gaming, or should I get a 3770k but no SSD?

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  1. i7 isn't different or noticeably different from i5 for gaming you can just Oc i5 to 3.8 on air with no problems and max stability and it will perform better than any i7
    anyway SSD +i5 > i7
  2. ^This.
  3. +1 to 3570k + SSD > 3770k no ssd.
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    The i5 3570k is the number 1 gamers choice of CPU at the moment. It is easily OC'ed to 4.3-4.6Ghz, costs nearly £100 less than an i7 and it will be good for a fair few years.
    An i7 isn't going to benefit you with gaming. Take the i7 3770k, it's the i5 3570k with Hyperthreading and a 100Mhz higher base clock, but the price is £100 more and offers virtually no extra performance with games.
    Trust me get a 3570k and an SSD, 128GB would be good, 250GB+ if you can stretch to it.
  5. Wow a lot of quick replies, thank you. I kinda thought this might be the responce (3570k + SSD) but I wanted to double check before ordering.

    Thank you again :D
  6. the 3770k for games its a bit waste!go for the 3570k as its a clear gaming cpu and for an ssd probably one 840 series!
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