Upgrading my Gaming Rig Advice Please

Hey Guys and Girls,

I have these parts already bought so its done

2 X EVGA 660ti 2gb GPU's
8Gb Gskill Ram
750w PSU Antec
Samsung 120gb SSD
Intel 60gb SSD (520 series)
Patriot Pyro sanforce 210gb SSD

My question is. For pure gaming performance. Which of the following combinations (or have i got it all wrong) will do me best for GAMING (BF4, Metro 2033, Cry 3, FC3 etc)

1 x Intel i5 3570K + 1 x ASRock Z77 OC Formula Motherboard
1 x Intel i5 3570k + 1 X MSI Z77 MPOWER Motherboard
1 X Intel i5 3570k + 1 X ASUS Maximus V Formula Motherboard

If i have it wrong, let me know! I appreciate the advice!

Thanks guys

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  1. No difference in performance,
  2. The motherboard will not have a direct effect on gaming performance.

    The motherboard can however be a factor when it comes to overclocking the CPU. But with gaming, you will not see that much of a difference between a 4.2GHz OC vs 4.3 GHz OC.

    I usually go with either ASRock or ASUS for motherboards.
  3. OC formula overclocks like a champ, but the motherboard won't help much for Crysis. So yeah,all wrong since neither will outperform the others in framerate.
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    ok.. to all people who says motherboards will have no effect in gaming performance, you are all wrong lol

    well... lets say it doesnt have a direct effect thats true, but its the mainboard which provides all the necessary voltages (via psu) and its memory lanes so the better quality will be resulted in a better performance as its directing better current to its loads (on an electricians point of view)

    there is also recent a motherboard performance comparison here on Tom's you may want to look at.
    and there the medal goes to ASUS (if i recall correct) by quality/performance point of view with slight boost over its rivals asrock/gigabyte/msi.

    but as its told already, it will be a little difference probably you wont realize it without bechmarking...

    or maybe you will. who knows lol

    I'd definitely say go for asus/gigabyte :) they're the market leaders these days anyway... and lots of people are complaining about msi customer policy (if something happens to your board)
    and asrock is the new kid in the block... eventhough its promising, I'd always go for its grandparents which has more experience in the field.

    good luck
  5. The point is,games are graphics intensive. Getting a 670 Sli on a Z77 V LK beats a 660ti Sli on a Maximus. This is a loose comparison but you get the point
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