Power plan management for Windows 7 use as a home server

I'm using my home desktop as a server machine.
I use Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit a printer is connected and it's setup with sabnzb for downloads.

I want to be able to print on this printer using my laptop.
Unfortunately, the server goes on sleep or hibernation and I must turn on the server to get the print out. I also don't want to keep sabnzbd from downloading when downloads are available.

What is the best setup for a power management plan to keep the power consuption minimal but to stay up (or in network listenig mode) if I want to print or download something?

I just did a new One called "Windows 7 as a Server"
The advanced power Options are
Sleep after : 300 minute (5 hours)
Allow Hybrid sleep : on
Hibernate after : Never
Allow Wake Timer : Enable

Would this do what I want/need?
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  1. all the options listed will make the computer none responsive and require you to turn the computer back on.
  2. Ok that's what I don't want. How can I get it to do what I need?
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