Pixels problem while watching videos

Hi I just bought PC here is the cofig:-
CPU i-5 3570K
GPU Zotac Nvidia GTX 660ti
PSU Corsair 750Watt TX
Mother Board-Asus P8 z77 M pro
16 GB ram
2 Tb Harddisk
AOC 24" full HD monitor

The concern is whenever I try to play 1080p videos in VLC player it always makes my screen black and then play the video, I try to figure this out by myself by unchecking the RGB mode option from VLC video option settings.
The problem was solved but pixels are not working as it should as you know I have bought my PC with higher configuration as well,but always i feel there is something missing in the video section.

Whenever I play games on it they are working fine actually.

I have searched a lot on internet and updated all of my drivers as well,no results come out.

I have no idea is it a problem with my Graphic card or processor please suggest something on this either I should report to Zotac for the concern.
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  1. Did you try with a different software? Could be a VLC settings. Do you have problems with 720p as well? Do you also have problems with online streaming in HD? Like watching youtube videos in 1080?
  2. Does the screen come back at all? Or does it stay black the entire time. I agree, try using GOM.

    It sounds later like you solved the black screen thing, but I'm not sure what "The problem was solved but pixels are not working as it should" means.
  3. Thanks for the reply...yea 720p videos are working fine without any problem on VLC,I haven't checked videos online streaming yet,I will try, I have checked with deifferent players as well screen does not blink at all but the problem with the pixels exists in other players as well.

    There is an option in the VLC player tool menu in the video column use hardware acceleration YUV>RGB conversion,when I uncheck this option 1080p videos are working without blinking my screen but when I check this option and play the video,screen goes black for half and a second I guess and then video works and again when I close the VLC window it again goes black for a little bit time.

    This is not happening in the 720p videos.

    I cant understand where is the problem because my friend has also got the PC with lower configuration as compare to mine,every thing is working fine in his PC.

    What does that YUV>RGB means,I guess I bought such a PC where every game and videos are supposed to work perfectly without any configuration changes.
  4. Showing pixels while playing the video in my new laptop ?

    I fount some thing

    In VLC Go to tools Preference
    then Reset Preference

    I think it will be OK
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