Mixing exact same ram, only capacity changing?

Hi all,
I recently built my PC and just dumped 4gb of RAM in from here:


The view was that I was going to upgrade at some point in the future, but having read online it seems quite a tricky issue and not as clear cut as I once thought!

So with the 4gb currently installed, is it safer to only upgrade in 4gb chunks i.e buy exactly the same one from amazon (eg) again?

I understand that mixing different speeds/manufacturers is a bad idea, but I was thinking I could perhaps have a 2gb installed next the the 4gb:


Having this (2x4x0x0), would it then not be running in "dual mode", so not be worth it?

Also, going back to the original idea of buying the exact same 4gb again, could I buy 2 of these giving (4x4x4x0) and leaving one slot free for now? Or should I just use multiples of two (either 4x4x0x0 or 4x4x4x4)?

i.e. I would have 4x4x4x0 if I bought the following:

The motherboard supports up to DDR3 64gb so shouldn't be a problem: ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0

Just to summarise, it would only be the capacity that would be changing (2gb,4gb,8gb etc) nothing else, and can I arrange these in any order I want in the 4 slots available.


Thank you!

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  1. it will run just fine, even if they dont have the same frequency dont worry.

    size doesnt matter at all....
    frequency and latency matters while matching memories

    and here is the point;
    if your motherboard is actually compatible with both memories;
    but they are different than each other;
    motherboard will match both memories to work on whichever memory is slower. so it will drop the frequency or latency of the faster ram to the slower one.
    the thing in here is that your faster memory will be actually but in your case there is no problem.

    just makes sure that both memories are marked to work on same frequency / latency / voltage

    good luck
  2. The ram is of different voltages, and will not work.
    Go to the Kingston web site and access their ram configurator to get a list of supported kits.

    If you have differing sizes in each channel, the extra ram will operate only in single channel mode.
  3. actually it cannot be true... on the 4gb in amazon its written 1.9V lol probably its a typo... it should be 1.5V standard. since its a basic model (BLU) of kingston.

    but well...
    correct voltage is 1.65V. here it is....


    and the other memory is


    also 1.65V.

    so you are safe to go.

    just search them with the model codes on kingston site "KHX1600C9AD3B1/2G" and "KHX1600C9D3B1/4G" you'll be satisfied.
  4. Thanks guys, most helpful. I've only just seen they're different voltages, I would have missed that :(

    I think what I will do (to be on the safe side) is just buy 3 more of my original 4gb sticks, one by one. I'll probably get one each month until I have 4x4x4x4, then I'll be running 2 lots of 2x4gb in dual mode presumably? Would this be the 'most efficient' way to go?
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