MAx payne 3 stopped working

Hey guys, I was just playing max payne 3 on my pc and at the end of chapter 5 (when you are on speedboat ) it just froze and a messeage popped out saying "Max Payne 3 has Stopped working" and it is happening every time at same place.I've tried restarting my pc several times but it just won't work.
My Specs are:
Intel i3 2.4Ghz
4gb DDR3 ram
Amd Sapphire hd 7750
500 gb Sata hardisk
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    Have you patched the game?
  2. Yes I've installed .114 patch
  3. Look up the error code in the ''View All Problem Reports'' in control panel and compare it with the readme provided with the game.Try lowering some in-game settings.Try WHQL drivers ,not beta drivers.Try monitoring in-game temperatures and GPU usage using MSI Afterburner.
  4. Its solved guys but thanks for your help.I uninstalled the game and patched it again with pacth and it works fine.
  5. I too had lots of issues with the game when it was launched . Re-installing and Re-patching the game helped me too.Glad to hear your problem is solved. :)
  6. which patch i can't fix this speed boat problem
    please!!!!!!!!!!! help me..................
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