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Hello. Im having really annoying lag spikes when i play skyrim. The lag occurs every 45 sec and lasts for about 2 secs. Ive tried to make a clean install but that didnt help. Lowering graphics seems to make it occur a little bit less frequently, but it still happens. My specs: I7-3770K - gtx 670 2gb - 16 gb ram. i got the newest drivers installed and my skyrim game is installed on my SSD where my OS and steam is installed. i also got 2 TB harddisc. I would really appreciate if anyone had any suggestions that might help.
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  1. Do you have any mods that could be causing this? Some mods that I had on Skyrim made me exceed the 1 GB limit of my card and cause major lag.
  2. I do run the game with mods now, but ive tried to reinstall the game and play it without mods, and the same problem occurs.
  3. Is it "timed" or is it happening when your in cities or other areas that have many objects (like villages, etc.)? HD textures will give you this behavior (less so on SSD) but that depends on how HD your textures are...

    Not sure if it's what you're experiencing...if not, and if it's actually "timed" to 45 secs...then check your background applications (anything trying to update in the background? Anti-virus scans or malwares could be it). If so, more investigating is required.
  4. Not sure if it happens on special occasions e.g. entering cities or new areas. Will check when i get the chance. But atm im using the highest available HD textures from bethesda
  5. danmarkfyn said:
    Not sure if it happens on special occasions e.g. entering cities or new areas. Will check when i get the chance. But atm im using the highest available HD textures from bethesda

    Tones of people will tell you that their HD Texture pack is badly optimized. There are texture pack mods that apparently do a much better job (performance wize). If I remember correctly, there was even a mod that retextured the Bethesda HD Texture pack for better'd have to hit the Nexus for more info.

    The real problem is the amount of memory that is being transfered from your SSD to your VRAM at once is too much so it'll slutter more often in places that have many objects (exponentially increasing the textures being loaded at once). Not much you can do about it unfortunately. Hopefully, you'll get better performance out of these texture mods on the nexus.

    Good luck.
  6. tried to turn off the HD texturepacks but i still got the lag spikes. i found out that even browsing the world map made my game lag. i also tried to check the time between lags, and i found out that its nearly exact 60 sec between each so i guess it most have someting to do with background programs. anyone knows how to check if i got programs running or updates?
  7. I'm not sure if it'll solve your problem (even less so if it's malwares)...but you could try Razer's Gamebooster. It's meant to put your game as a high priority process in the Windows Kernel process and reducing your background applications to lower priorities. In other words, it was meant to help people in your position.

    As far as checking for apps running in the background, i'd try closing as many programs as you can (not randomly, rather those you "know" you won't use). Then i'd go with a virus/malware scan and remove unwanted stuff. Then Try GameBooster. Then use task manager to see what programs make your CPU or Hard drive spike at the 60 seconds mark. Hopefully, you won't need to get there but that's what i'd start with.
  8. Ill try that. thanks for the help mate
  9. danmarkfyn said:
    Ill try that. thanks for the help mate

    No prob. Good luck.
  10. Even if you have a ton of mods, Skyrim would never use more than 800 Megabytes of video memory. Even with an edited page file to allow unlimited. The highest graphics mods you can get for Skyrim are ENB, and they only use about 750 MBs total on ultra settings.

    Try downloading the mod Skyboost from Tes Nexus. It fixes a lot of the holes that are wrong with Skyrim. And check your mod loading order, this can cause skipping as well. Especially if you have a monster mod, and one comes within loading range. Make sure to have Skyrim Script Extender, as well.

    Also; I would have to avoid Razor's Game Booster. (No offence Alex) It has a pretty bad rep of messing up your important registry files because it alters them to come in second in priority.

    If you want your CPU to devote more power to Skyrim, open your taks manager, find TES.exe and right click on it, click "Set Priority - High" - Never set it to real time, this can cause your PC to lock up and even blue screen.
  11. Thanks Mako, Ill deffintly will try that out
  12. Hey, guys using ATI GPUs, I was having heavy fps drops outside cities in Skyrim and that thread solved my problem:
    If you don't wanna check the thread, the solution for you may be just disabling "morphological filtering" in Catalyst Control Center.
  13. Totally forgot to update this thread. My solution was that my save game file was 50mb +. The lag disappeared when i started a new save game.
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