is legit?

that website says that amd hd 5970 is super powerful. and when i say powerful i mean that it is almost more powerful than a gtx titan.
heres the link to hd 5970 vs titan :

and here it is vs a gtx 690 :
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  1. Nope.
    Only real benchmark shows the real performance of both cards.
  2. Not accurate at all. That site shouldn't exist. Neither should passmark. Both are nothing but lies.
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    All HWCompare does is show a theoretical output on a limited set of variables: Power consumption, Memory bandwidth, Texel rate, and Pixel rate. That is far from enough information to tell anyone how that card will perform in the latest games. It's basically a comparison of specs, without any context or any understanding of how that translates to the real world. HWCompare should never be cited as a resource for relative performance in real world situations. Case in point, the 5970 would never be realistically considered a higher performing card than a GTX 690 or Titan.
  4. Yes it is legit in terms of a comparison of specifications.

    However different architecture and software makes a bigger difference these days.

    Comparing hardware with similar architecture and software are comparable in HWCOMPARE. The rest is useless.
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