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I'm thinking about yet looks good as well.

Also, for anyone who has taken this exam, or any exam like it, how did you study for it? Did you read it all, then re read and take notes? Did you read through it twice, but without taking notes, how do you take notes from an 1100 page book!?

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond!
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    Ive seen both of those books recommended. Ive seen the "all in one" recommended most often.
    Personally. What I did was went through the professor messer videos at
    Those videos are FREE and extremely good in preparing you for the exam. I had about 2 years tech experience before I took the exam. I spent about 2 months watching the videos / studying. I didn't use a book but it still wouldn't be a bad idea in my opinion.
  2. why do people bother with a+? if your going to work some place that requires it i would highly suggest you look elsewhere.
  3. While the certification doesn't say too much its still good for entry level helpdesk type jobs to get your foot in the door and get expirance. Also most jobs that you apply on-line will have key words filters so that will help with those as well. Personally I have been working in IT field for over 15yrs starting at the entry helpdesk lvl to my Current Senior postion.

    If I was looking to hire a project manager all things considered equal (i.e green/black belt, 6th sigma etc.) I would the person who also had an A+ if only because I know they are not "scared" of PC's you would be surprised how many high lvl non-IT manager who job require the use of PC, etc. who only know how to use MS office products yet try to run 6 or more figure project and screw them up because they don't understand how the basic tech works.
  4. ericlw said:
    why do people bother with a+? if your going to work some place that requires it i would highly suggest you look elsewhere.

    I know several employers that won't even look at your resume if you don't have A+, Net+, or Seq+.

    As mentioned above. It can definitely set you apart from others for help desk, desktop support, comp tech positions. Especially entry level. Anymore certs are more sought after then even degrees imo.
  5. Thank you all for your responses, I think I'm going to go with watching those videos Unoriginal1 recommended and pick up one of the two books. A help desk job would be alright as long as I'm helping with peoples computers. What I would really love to do is have a sort of job where you're handling the hardware, building peoples rigs, helping them decide which parts to chose, providing insight. That type of thing.
  6. Best of luck GMP. Another good source for some free practice exams is they're forums are also a valuable resource as you start to advance into the higher certs. The members there are extremely knowledgeable in my experience.
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