Which 1440p monitor?

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  1. What's the monitor for? Out of the two, I'd pick the Asus one.
  2. DO you think the extra 130$ is worth it?
  3. The monitor is for gaming/ photo editing / video editiong / movie watching / i want 1440p because i have bad eyesight and that resolution is very relieving on my eyes.
  4. No; I don't think the extra $130 is worth it. I've never tried Nixeus. I've never even heard of that brand until now. I'd go with Nixeus. Stats-wise, it looks good. Spend the $130 on something useful like a pair of glasses? :P
  5. I can get the asus used or refurbished for the same price.
    If used or refurbished do you know if it will be in bad condition?
    Like dead pixels or scratched screens?
  6. The refurbished ones' description says "some have minor scratches" so I wouldn't buy those. As for used, I have no idea of their condition. Still, if you were going to spend that much already, why skim out on $100 just to get a used one?
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